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  • Bundles

    Bundles (5)

    Very nice Cintropur special offers in super bundle to install one of the best water treatment systems. Complete bundle including water filters with accessories, activated carbon and filter sleeves.
  • Domestic

    Domestic (77)

    Domestic ranges of Cintropur water filters for water treatment. Smart Line models: SL 160, SL 240, SL 240 TE CTN, SL 240 DUO CTN, SL TRIO CTN. Classical models: NW 18, NW 25, NW 25 TE, NW 25 TE-CTN, NW 25 DUO, NW 25 DUO-CTN, TIO, NW 32, NW 32 TE. SL and NW models are equipped with filter sleeves.…
  • Semi-Industrial

    Semi-Industrial (48)

    Semi-Industrial range of Cintropur filters for water treatment. The SI 280, SI 340 and SI 400 models are equipped with a 25 micron filter sleeve as standard. Filter sleeves from 1 to 300 microns available. Parts, accessories and spare parts also available.
  • Industrial

    Industrial (56)

    Industrial ranges of Cintropur filters for water filtration. Old models: NW 50, NW 50 TE, NW 62 and NW 75. New models: NW 500, NW 500 TE, NW 650 and NW 800. Old and new models are equipped with compatibles filter sleeves. TE models are designed to receive activated carbon.
  • Ultraviolet

    Ultraviolet (78)

    Range of water sterilizers by ultraviolet radiation. Radiation power of lamps from 25 to 95 watt. The UV 2100, TIO-UV, DUO-UV and TRIO-UV models are equipped as standard with a 25 micron filter sleeve. The TIO-UV and TRIO-UV models are equipped with a container to receive activated carbon.
  • Catalysts

    Catalysts (7)

    Special granules for catalysis water filtration. Activated carbon, zeolitic rock crystal and volcanic rock. Activated carbon Cintropur skin in 3.4 L keg. Activated carbon Carbolite special water in jerrycan of 2.5 L and 5 L. Zeolite Agualite in jerrycan of 2.5 L and 5 L. Volcanic rock Volcalite in jerrycan 2.5 L and 5 L.
  • Discovery

    Discovery (1)

    Cintropur SHOP offers you new products that have been carefully selected. Their quality and reliability are guaranteed. You can buy them safely in our online store.
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